Pre-Moving/Post-Renovation Cleaning


Bedrooms and living room
  • Vacuuming and mopping of floor
  • Wiping of all furniture, table tops and other fittings
  • Wiping of cabinet interiors (empty cabinets only) and exteriors
  • Cleaning and polishing of all mirrors and glass panel
  • Wiping and cleaning of all ceiling fans and lights
  • Wiping of electrical appliance
  • Washing and mopping of floor
  • Dusting and cleaning of furniture
  • Cleaning of exterior of lighting fixtures
  • Wiping of glass windows and metal grilles
  • Cleaning of sliding glass panels and tracks
  • Washing/Mopping of floor
  • Wiping of cabinet exteriors
  • Wiping of cabinet interiors (empty cabinets only)
  • Washing and disinfecting of basin
  • Washing of kitchen wall tiles / glass panels
  • Clean and degrease kitchen hob and hood
  • Cleaning of oven, stove and refrigerator interior
  • Clean exterior of washer, detergent tray and rubber seal
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of bathtub, basin and toilet bowl
  • Washing of toilet floor and walls
  •  Stain removal
  • Cleaning and polishing of all mirrors
  • Wipe exterior surfaces of cabinets
  • Wipe interior of cabinets (empty cabinets only)
  • Cleaning of shower glass panels
  • Cleaning of bathroom windows
  • Cleaning of all windows and grills
  • Wiping and cleaning of all ceiling lights and fans
  • Cleaning of doors and gates
  • Dusting of ceiling corners
  • Cleaning of window track
  • Cleaning of floor skirting
  • Cleaning of switches and sockets
  • Cleaning / Washing of balcony and patio
  • Hanging up of curtains


  • One-Time Cleaning
  • Cleaning Duration (Please refer to table base on your property size)


  • From S$220* per session

*Package price of S$220 is applicable for floor area less than 450 Sq Ft empty unit

For a more comprehensive rate based on your property size and condition, please refer to the table.


  • Provided by DomesticONE
  • Professional cleaning tools and equipment (Inclusive of vacuum cleaner and ladder)
  • Lint-free sanitised microfibre cloths
  • Effective, efficient, safe and anti-bacterial cleaning solutions

Terms and Conditions apply

Size of Premises – Sq Ft No. of Cleaners / Duration Price with Cleaning Supplies Price without Cleaning Supplies
< 400 1 Cleaner x 3 Hours S$220 S$120
401 – 550 1 Cleaner x 4 Hours S$260 S$160
551 – 650 1 Cleaner x 5 Hours S$280 S$180
651 – 850 2 Cleaner x 3 Hours S$330 S$230
851 – 1050 2 Cleaner x 4 Hours S$380 S$280
1051 – 1250 2 Cleaner x 5 Hours S$430 S$330
1251 – 1650 3 Cleaner x 4 Hours S$480 S$380
1651 – 2050 3 Cleaner x 5 Hours S$580 S$480
2051 – 2650 4 Cleaner x 4 Hours S$680 S$580
2651 – 3250 4 Cleaner x 5 Hours S$780 S$680
3251 – 4050 4 Cleaner x 6 Hours S$980 S$880
4050 onwards Please contact us at 6100 2388 for a quotation.


Professional trained and insured cleaners

Professional Cleaning tools and solutions

48 hours service warranty

“Mdm Chong looks after my child very well. It helps a great deal that I am totally at ease with her, especially during the times when I need to travel overseas. She is also very easygoing and not calculative.”

Mrs Elizabeth Pang
Tanglin Rd

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