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By Administrator | 24th November, 2016 | Categories: Articles

pix_advert01Instead of helping his mother with household chores, Keith Yew is busy running around helping other homemakers manage theirs.

Don’t get him wrong. The 26-year-old is no recalcitrant ingrate. On the contrary, he’s doing so in a bid for a better life for himself and his loved ones.

You see, Keith is one of two partners of DomesticOne Home Services, an established two-year-old outfit which offers a wide range of part-time and ad hoc domestic cleaning services rendered by a group of professionally-trained individuals.

This team of workers consists of locals in their 30s and 40s
who have had vast experience in domestic cleaning services,
hence their guaranteed competence and efficiency. Many
stringent qualifiers such as interviews and trials (at the
company’s designated apartment) have been put in place
to ensure that the workers are well-trained, proficient
and capable to meet expectations.

And one can get access to Keith’s workforce by a mere touch of the phone ( English: 6100 2388 / Mandarin: 9127 4848) or click of the mouse – within a working day of 24 hours.

This is how it works: when you call to make a

DomesticOne has 6 main service categories, namely Part-time maids/regular housekeeping, Ad-hoc cleaning, Spring Cleaning, Pre-moving/post-renovation cleaning, Office/workspace cleaning & Baby sitting / confinement nannies.


request for home cleaning services, your needs will be accessed.

DomesticOne will attempt to match a suitable candidate and revert to verify your order. Generally, each cleaning session lasts four hours (based on an area of 1,200 sq ft) and starts from 8am to 2pm.

However, after the first appointment, employers are free to make their own schedule (and even job scope) adjustments with the cleaners directly.

You may opt for a one-time or long-term service, depending on whichever suit your needs. All you need to do is pay a one-time, contract-independent agency fee (determined by factors such as size of house plus other specifications) upon confirmation and before you know it, your home help will soon be knocking on your door. Simply make sure basic cleaning equipment such as the mop, vacuum cleaner and water etc. is provided; the home help will see to the rest while you sit back and relax!

On top of the aforementioned administrative charge, one only needs to reimburse the home help with his /her hourly payment upon completion of each cleaning session (per visit). You must be wondering – why the separate payments? While the former serves to cover the firm’s operating costs, the latter – a direct means of rewarding the service provider – is a sound corporate practice and fair system designed to allow the home help to get what she deserves. The absence of a “middleman’s cut” helps to create an amicable working relationship amongst all parties. It also motivates the worker and minimises the occurrence of conflicts and discrepancies.

“What if I find the clearer’s service unsatisfactory?” you ask. Well, you’d be pleased to learn that the company take will responsibility to look into the situation and offer a change of staff where appropriate and applicable.

pix_advert03But going by the outfit’s long list of happy clients, intervention cases are far and few in between.

When asked about what he thinks of the service, Mr Dav Goh (Hougang) has this to say, “The rooms are nicely tidied and the whole house is well cleaned. The rates are reasonable (too). It is definitely a good deal.”

Not only are people full of praise for the cleaners, patrons like Mrs Eileen Yeo (River Valley) and Mrs Elizabeth (Tanglin) also find the babysitters commendable.

Said the former, “Mdm Teo is experienced, patient and responsible. I feel very comfortable leaving my baby in her hands while I go to work.”

“Mdm Chong looks after my baby very well. It helps a great deal and I’m totally at ease, especially during the times when I need to travel. She is also very easy going and not calculative,” adds the latter.

These and many other excellent testimonials certainly signals the success of Keith’s venture, but the entrepreneur is not one to rest on his laurels.

“To stay competitive and relevant to our customers, we’re striving to dish out more services and there’ll be new add-ons in the pipeline. We’re definitely looking at expanding our current customer base of 5,000,” enthuses the focus-minded businessman.

With such grand plans in the works, it’s no wonder that Keith has no time to help his mum with housework. But judging by his current successes, I’m sure she won’t complain. And should the chores get more demanding, Mrs Yew could always get someone from her son’s company to help her out.

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